Twirl effect

Twirl effect

In this tutorial you will learn how to create simple twirl effect using the distort filter and gradients. This process is quick and only requires three steps.

Step 1

Open a new Photoshop document with the size 640 x 480 dimension.
Select the gradient tool with the linear gradient and whatever gradient colour you wish. If you can’t find a gradient you like, I have provided a list of free photoshop gradients.

Step 2

Click and drag a gradient on the canvas you can choose whatever direction you wish. You canvas should look something like below:

Step 3

Select Filter > Distort > Twirl and give the angle 250 and click ok. Now select Ctrl + F about 4 -5 times and you should get a pattern like below. If you want more twirls then simply select Ctrl + F a few more times.

You should now have a twirl effect.