Software.Cinema - Compositing Portraits

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Wish you had the shot with the great hair combined with another image of a flowing position of the hand and leg?
Create the perfect pose from multiple images. Kevin will show you how to register all of the parts into one seamless image.
You will also learn great Retouching techniques used in fashion photography.

1 :
Compositing a Digital Portrait
Choose the "hero" photograph of a model. Pick one with great
hair and another with a flowing pose of hand and leg. Learn how to position them in perfect register into layers and paint
the parts together with Layer Masks combining them into a composited finished photograph of many pieces.
Lesson 2 :
Retouching Christina
Use the Healing Brush to soften facial textures and brighten under eyes. Minimize veins
on athletic arms with the Patch Tool. Visually feather selections with Quick Mask. Learn how to smooth razor bumps on legs
using graduated Gaussian Blur and Blending Modes.
Lesson 3 : Changing Colors
Move colors from red to
gold using multiple layers and Blending Modes for the ultimate in color changing control.
Lesson 4 : Extending
the Background
Make a selection into a New Layer, use Free Transform to enlarge a background enough to cover exposed
parts of a set. Seamlessly blend the extension into the background with a Layer Mask and the Paint Brush.
Lesson 5 :
The Pen Tool - Easy as ABC
Master the most powerful (and intimidating) selection method in Photoshop - The
Pen Tool! Learn how to draw perfect straight lines, "U" shapes and curves.