Photoshop Tips n' Tricks

This 3 hour training course is a collection of very useful tips and techniques that will save you hours of frustration and let you wow your friends, co-workers and clients with your Photoshop proficiency.

For a beginner, the opening chapter (Get Some Perspective) is an easy way to understand how to use motion blur effectively. This chapter also features some great techniques for creating realistic shadow effects.

Advanced users will enjoy Chapter 6 (All Over Displace), which covers displacement maps, and Chapter 7 (Organic Creation), which delves deep into channel operations. These lessons will give you a good grasp of some of the complexities of Photoshop’s more advanced and rewarding areas.

Step-by-step lessons is a very effective way to learn how to tap into Photoshop’s almost infinite creative powers, and after finishing all the lessons in this training course you’ll be left with some great Photoshop techniques to call your own. One word of advice - before bragging of your newly acquired Photoshop talents, make sure to hide the CDs so no one discovers it only took you 3 hours!