Lines Tutorial

Lines Tutorial
Simple and fast..

STEP 1= open a new document 1000 px / 1000 px and fill it with black
STEP 2= create a new layer (put it in the top) and fill it with white
STEP 3= go to filter >> render >> fibers and apply the following settings


STEP 4= go to filter >> blur >> motion blur and apply the following settings


STEP 5= apply a gradient overlay layer style with the following settings (remember to set the effect to overlay like shown in the box)


STEP 6= convert the layer to a Smart Object and duplicate the layer; set the layer to Overlay and go to filter >> other >> high pass and apply a radius of 10 pixels


STEP 6= set the black background layer as invisible and merge visible (shift+ctrl+E); than resize the merged layer as shown in the picture


STEP 7= free transform the merged layer rotating it of 45 degree and stretching it to the corners


STEP 8= go to image >> adjustments >> levels and apply this settings


FINISH= apply any effects you want to personalize your image