Family Photos

Family Photos

I was recently browsing through my collection of family photos. Unfortunately far too many of them exist only in a digital format on a DVD disc. I should definitely print more. Browsing through my family photos made me recall why I enjoy them so much and why some of them might appeal to other people as well.

Loaded with Memories

Family Photos

Picture 2. My daughter at sleep after a long day.

It’s clear that family photos are never just photos. They portray people we love and memories we cherish. Family photos are special because they evoke so many feelings. It's natural that I have an emotional connection to photos of my family but what about other people? Are photos of my family worthless to them?

I think that many family photos, especially portraits can be compelling as photographs even without personal memories. I can think of couple of reasons why family portraits might be compelling also to people outside of my family:

  • Family photos show unpretended feelings
  • Family photos portray the greatest moments

Unpretended Feelings

Family Photos

Picture 3. My daughter in the pool.

The atmosphere among your family is often relaxed and chances are that they are not afraid of your camera. Family members show emotions that are unpretended and very real and those emotions will shine through the photos you take.

The Greatest Moments

Family Photos

Picture 4. A newborn Luna in the shower for the first time.

Another reason why family photos could be extraordinary is the fact that you are always there. What I mean is that you spend a lot of time with your family. That means you are likely there to experience and capture the greatest moments of your family members. For example all the photos on this page exist not because I staged them but because I was there to capture the moment.