Portable iChronos 2.0

Portable iChronos 2.0

Portable iChronos 2.0
The iChronos organizer software is a visual organizer with extended capabilities of organizing your time, contacts, project control and storing of any data.
This pim software gives you more than you expect to get from an organizer. The program is created according to suggestions of people, which used various organizers for a long time.
Using the iChronos personal organizer you will be able to do what you dreamed about.

- Graphic interface, which takes advantage of your 3D accelerator
- Ability to change color themes and add a custom icon library
- Scaled fields for each contact, project, folder
- Quick access to main organizer functionality
- Almost all functions can be accessed from the system tray

Time control
- Unique tool for visualizing time control - time line (ability to view planned events in different time scale)
- Management of projects, appointments, calls using the time line
- Reminder software capability: set reminders according to various criteria (once a week, a year etc.)
- Reminders are shown in the system area even if the program is minimized
- Separate part of the program desktop is dedicated to display of current events, appointments and calls

Contact control
- Contacts are treated as objects
- Contacts support various contact details (more than 20 types of them)
- Ability to add notes to contacts
- Contacts can be stored in any part of the program desktop and displayed in the contact tree
- Ability to change and configure an icon for the contact
- Ability to store any type of data in the contact
- Quick access to the contact by typing its first characters in the contact tree
- Address book software capability

Project control
- Visual modeling of processes
- A folder can be used to store various types of data (contacts, appointments, notes, documents, calls, multimedia files)
- Various events can be created: reminders, tasks, appointments, calls, events, holidays.
- Ability to print ontacts

File control
- Ability to make a collection of images, video and audio data
- Several file storing modes (creating of shortcuts, copying of files into the projects, moving of files into the project)
- Ability to run any Windows application corresponding to the file type from the iChronos personal information manager simply by clicking the file

- Import of contacts, tasks and appointments from Microsoft Outlook organizer systems
- Export of contacts
- Compatibility with all versions of the iChronos personal information manager

- Protection from unauthorized access
- The iChronos pim software can be blocked after minimizing to tray

- Ability to run the personal organizer from any types of removable hardware
- Projects created in the program can be transferred

We express our gratitude to Afterwarp interactive and personally to Yuri Kotsarenko for the quot;Asphyre" graphic processing module used in the organizer