Nik Software Silver Efex Pro v2.0 (x86/x64)

Nik Software Silver Efex Pro v2.0 (x86/x64)
Nik Software Silver Efex Pro v2.0 (x86/x64) | Interface: English, Russian | 33 Mb
Silver Efex Pro 2 builds on the already amazing black and white capabilities of Silver Efex Pro and adds new algorithms, controls, and tools that make Silver Efex Pro 2 the world’s leading black and white imaging solution. Silver Efex Pro emulates 20 of the most popular black and white film types, including the grain, color sensitivity, and tone curve for each. Advanced Stylizing — Stylize your images with popular tints and toners, add a classic vignette, and burn in the edges with natural darkroom-inspired tools. A collection of over 20 preset styles, with thumbnails using the current image, let you quickly experiment with new looks. Easily create your own style presets too.
Complete Control for Professional Quality
Silver Efex Pro from Nik Software is the most powerful tool for creating professional quality black and white images from your photographs. For the first time, all the advanced power and control required for professional results have been brought together in one convenient tool.
Featuring Nik Software’s patented U Point® technology to selectively control the tonality and contrast of the image, Silver Efex Pro includes advanced imaging algorithms to protect against unwanted artifacts, a comprehensive collection of emulated black and white film types, a variable toning selector for adding traditional toning techniques, over 20 one-click preset styles, and a state-of-the-art grain reproduction engine that help produce the highest quality black and white images possible from your color images while providing more dom to experiment.
A recognized leader in digital imaging technology, Nik Software has developed class-leading solutions to specific challenges photographers face when creating black and white images and packaged them in one convenient tool.
Silver Efex Pro provides photo enthusiasts and professional photographers alike with complete power and control to create professional quality black and white images in one convenient tool.
Incredible Speed and Results with U Point® Technology
U Point powered Control Points enable you to selectively control the tonality and contrast of an image without the need for any complicated selections or layer masks. Gain a new level of precision and efficiency in your photographic image editing. By placing a control point on any part of the image you wish to alter, and moving a few simple sliders, you can achieve incredible results in a fraction of the time required by other tools.
Silver Efex Pro features a revolutionary new grain engine that accurately recreates your digital photographs to look like a traditional black and white image. In contrast to other methods which merely overlay a grain pattern over your image, Silver Efex Pro recreates your image out of grain mimicking the traditional silver halide process.
Nik Software Silver Efex Pro v2.0 (x86/x64)

What’s new:
• Refined and improved black and white conversion algorithms
• Highlight, Midtone, and Shadow Brightness control
• Dynamic Brightness control
• Amplify Blacks and Amplify Whites controls
• Soft Contrast control
• Highlight, Midtone, and Shadow Structure control
• Fine Structure control
• Selective Colorization
• Image Borders
• History Browser
• GPU Processing
• Improved interface and interaction controls

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