Mandala Painter v3.0 Professional

Mandala Painter v3.0 Professional
Mandala Painter v3.0 Professional | 129 MB

Mandala Painter 3 is the only professional Mandala drawing program for Mandala artists, designers and for everyone who just likes creating kaleidoscopic images. Due to it’s very simple yet powerful mirroring tools the drawing becomes entertaining and easy. Mandala Painter’s user interface was designed as simple as possible keeping it’s creative aims. Creating such images was never easier before.
Mandala Painter v3.0 Professiona

Main features:
:: Automated rotated drawing and workflow designed specially for Mandala painting
:: User can create custom multipliers: spirals, tiling, etc.
:: Photoshop like Layer based painting.
:: Supports opening the following file formats: Windows Bitmap, Jpeg, Photoshop Psd, Tiff, Gif, Truevision Targa, Pcx, PhotoCD, Psp, Png
:: Supports saving the following file formats: Mandala (Mandala Painter layered format), Windows Bitmap (with alpha), Jpeg, PNG

:: Rich Symbol library collected for Mandala decoration: Petals, Leaves, Spheres, etc.
:: Mandala export directly to Adobe Photoshop
:: Upload Mandalas to online gallery
:: Clipboard connectivity with other painting applications
:: Modern, customizable user interface with dozens of skins
:: More than one hour high quality world music included with integrated music player