Hallmark Card Studio 2009

With Hallmark Card Studio you can easily create personalized greeting cards that express your thoughts and feelings. It gives you the tools you need to make personalized greeting cards, invitations, stationery, calendars, labels, 3D cards, other 3D projects, and more.

Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe includes the easy-to-use, but robust PhotoPower program. With PhotoPower, you can change a picture’s brightness and color, sharpen or smooth a picture, remove the red-eye effect caused by camera flashes, crop part of the photo, and create custom cutouts.

Event Planner can help you keep track of your schedule and contact information (including birthdays and anniversaries) for all the special people in your life. It can even remind you of upcoming events in time to create a card or other item for the occasion.

Hallmark Card Studio 2009
Hallmark Card Studio 2009
Hallmark Card Studio 2009

Hallmark Card Studio Features

Greeting Cards for All Occasions

Pick a special card for every occasion! Hallmark Card Studio features thousands of greeting cards and photo cards. You’ll find everything you need — from birthday and holiday cards to Spanish-language cards and photo cards. There are three easy ways to select the design that’s just right:
  • Select a card type by clicking a button on the Home screen. Then select a category or occasion and then a subcategory and browse through the available cards. Once you’ve found the right card, you can easily edit the message.
  • Search by theme. By clicking Search Theme you can find cards using themes and keywords.
  • Select a favorite. Click View Favorites on the Browse Cards screen or the Personalize Card screen to quickly find a design that you’ve used before.

About Other Projects
Although many of the instructions on the following pages refer specifically to cards (which include invitations and announcements), you can follow the basic steps to create envelopes, calendars, labels, stickers, stationery, and other projects. The Matching Sets project type includes different projects with matching designs. While the instructions for greeting cards are applicable to projects, see Chapter 10: Working with Projects for project-specific information. Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe also includes 3D cards and other 3D projects (like photo frames, photo cubes, gift boxes and mini albums). With these projects you’ll first print a base item (for example, a card) and then you’ll print embellishments to add to the base item.

Art Studio

Although you have many choices in all categories, you may have your own ideas. Express them in the Art Studio. You can mix and match greetings, designs, clip art, and photos from our Clip Art Book, or you can create drawings and text from scratch. You can even import your own digital photographs for an extra special touch. Within Art Studio, you can adjust the dimensions of standard projects for using custom-sized paper or to transform a regular design into a borderless design.

Printing Cards
When you’ve finished customizing or designing a card, you can print it along with an envelope. The first time you print a double-sided card (such as a half-fold card), Hallmark Card Studio will ask questions to determine how to print the second side. After that, an animation appears any time that you print a double sided card that shows how to re-insert the paper to make sure your card is printed correctly. If you have a project with a borderless design (with no white margins on the edges) and you have a borderless printer, you can do edge-toedge printing.

Sending Your Cards Using the Internet

You can send your card by e-mail to others. If you click Email on the Personalize Card screen, recipients can view the card as a movie on their computer. You may also convert your Hallmark Card Studio project into a .pdf file (viewable with Adobe® Reader) that you can send to friends and family.

Kid Lock
Hallmark Card Studio is so easy that kids will want to use it, too! However, Hallmark Card Studio contains a wide variety of content for all ages, including content specially designed for children, teens, and adults. Hallmark Card Studio’s Kid Lock gives you more control over what children see.

It’s disappointing when an important picture doesn’t turn out well. With PhotoPower, you can brighten a photo that’s too dark or darken a photo that’s
overexposed. Use PhotoPower to adjust a photo’s contrast, colors, and sharpness, and remove the color distortion in a subject’s eyes (red-eye effect) caused by camera flash. With PhotoPower you can crop photos or create cutouts shaped like hearts, stars, and other objects. You can also trace the edge of a person or pet and keep only the cutout or clone areas of the picture!
Note: Some versions of Hallmark Card Studio do not include PhotoPower. If your Hallmark Card Studio version does not include this program, you will not see the PhotoPower button on the Art Studio screen when you select a photo nor in the Photo dialog box.

Getting Organized with Event Planner
With Event Planner you can keep track of your important activities in its Calendar and maintain your personal mail and e-mail lists in its Address Book.

Using the Calendar
On the Calendar screen the right side shows a regular monthly calendar with your scheduled events and holidays identified. The left side has a Details area for the specific day you select. You can enter notes for special one-time events (for example, a high school reunion) or regularly scheduled activities (for example, soccer practice every Saturday).

A Special Address Book
You use the Address Book to enter mailing information for your family and friends, including e-mail addresses, phone numbers, birthdays and anniversary dates. You can use these entries to print envelopes and labels for your cards and letters.

Event Planner Reminders

When you enter a note on your Calendar or a birthday or anniversary in your Address Book, you can choose to be reminded before the day of the event. Reminders display in a special area on the Calendar. You can even have reminders appear when you start your computer. When you get your reminder, use Hallmark Card Studio to design a personalized card or other creation for the occasion.

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