G-Force Platinum 3.7.5


G-Force Platinum 3.7.5

G-Force is the most dynamic and sophisticated, yet entirely artistic, music visualization available -
and it keeps getting better.G-Force music visuals have been described as "mind-blowing" and "legendary" in the
press and by its many fans. Experience your music in a whole new way!

? Tens of millions of downloads
? Recommended by Apple
iTunes, CNet, Microsoft,
? Yahoo Musicmatch, J. River, jetAudio, and others
? Easy to install, easy to use
? Always different, never boring

G-Force is a
music visualization plug-in for media players that also visualizes auxiliary or "line-in" audio. G-Force features fast anti-aliased effects, millions of possible visual
combinations, savable and scriptable effects, and unparalleled expandability. G-Force is designed to entertain you on its own, but there are many ways it can be customized and
extended. G-Force has been described as "mind-blowing" and "legendary" in the press and by its many fans.

G-Force Platinum is the ultimate G-
Force. In addition to all the features found in Gold, G-Force Platinum provides full multi-player support for every popular music player. It also includes G-Force Standalone, which lets
you visualize any audio source-CD’s, internet radio, microphone, and auxiliary inputs like live music. Finally, G-Force Platinum includes the new G-Force Screen Saver, which
brings the beauty of G-Force to your screen while your computer is resting. Get G-Force Platinum now!