Express Digital Darkroom Professional 8.90.1521

Express Digital Darkroom Professional 8.90.1521

Excellent for Portrait, Wedding, Sports and Event Photographers

Core Edition, plus these powerful features:

  • Shoot greenscreen
  • Retouch Workshop including clone, blemish, paint, dodge, burn, sharpen,
    blur, colorize and more
  • Direct capture from the industry’s leading digital cameras
  • Print to dye-subs, mini-labs and hot folders
  • Print to file with user defined raster printing
  • Scale to any size studio using network capabilities

This package combines two of the professional photography’s most popular programs: (1) Portrait
& Wedding and (2) Sports & Event into the multi-talented ExpressDigital Darkroom Professional Edition. Among the
features that automate so many photographic steps to reduce time and detail are:

  • Applies graphic templates to images on the fly, turning photos into specialty products
  • Provides high speed direct capture with the industry best professional digital cameras
  • Creates limitless print packages
  • Edits and enhances photos with one-click ease
  • Manages and archives images seamlessly
  • Gives you ability to make your own graphic templates
  • Posts photos to sell on-line with PhotoReflect®
  • Sends orders electronically to professional labs with Labtricity®
  • Makes photography fun with built-in green screen shooting
  • Enables selling immediately, using on-screen presentation modes
  • Manages color in your workflow, from capture to print
  • Utilizes production printing to professional digital printers and mini-labs
  • Prints to file with user defined raster printing
  • Fits any studio size with network capabilities