Adobe Flex Builder Professional 3.0.194161

Adobe Flex Builder Professional
Adobe Flex Builder Professional 3.0.194161

Adobe Flex Builder is an Eclipse based IDE for developing rich Internet applications (RIAs) with the Adobe Flex framework. Using Flex Builder , developers can quickly build and deploy applications that are expressive, intuitive, and rich in interactivity. Flex Builder is a productive development environment that makes it easy for developers to customize their applications to match the desired look and feel. The addition of Adobe Flex Charting 2 lets developers easily add insightful and dynamic charts or graphs to any Flex application for rich, interactive data visualization. Just drag and drop chart types into the applications, link them to a data source, and charting components are dynamically rendered on the client. It’s then easy to add drill-down actions, rollovers, and other interactivity that makes charts even more useful, leading to better business decisions.
Powerful coding tools
Develop rich applications using a powerful Eclipse? based IDE that includes editors for MXML, ActionScript, and CSS, providing syntax coloring, statement completion, code collapse, quick fixes, and more.

Integrated compiler
Increase developer productivity by accelerating the build-debug cycle and providing immediate error reporting using the integrated incremental compiler.

Version control
Automatically keep a local history of every file in a project, making it easy to back out changes and revert to a previous version.

Interactive debugging
Quickly track down and resolve problems using the integrated debugger to set breakpoints, inspect variables and expressions, change values, and monitor trace messages.

Rich visual layout
Assemble and preview Flex application interfaces in design view using a rich library of built-in or custom components.

Styling and skinning
Customize the appearance of an application using CSS and graphical property editors to quickly set the most commonly used properties and preview the results in design view.

Rich data visualization
Create data dashboards and interactive data analysis by simply dragging and dropping a chart type and linking it to a data source using the Flex Charting library, available as an add-on to Flex Builder 2 or as a standalone product.

Rich data access and binding
Invoke web services or request XML or other data via HTTP using a rich, built-in library of data access services. Take advantage of more advanced data management capabilities, including real-time data streaming, automated data synchronization, and direct access to methods on server-side Java? objects using Flex Data Services 2.

Flex Data Services 2: Key features

Data synchronization
Remove the complexity and error potential from the rich-client data synchronization process using a robust, high-performance data synchronization engine between client and server.

Data paging
Easily manage and use large record sets using a built-in, efficient paging engine.

Eliminate interference with application flow caused by temporary network service disconnects using embedded messaging capabilities to ensure reliable delivery of data.

Data push
Push data to thousands of concurrent users without polling, providing up-to-the-second views of critical data such as stock trader applications, live resource monitoring, shop floor automation, and more.

Publish/subscribe messaging
Publish and subscribe to message topics in real time with the same reliability, scalability, and overall quality of service as traditional thick client applications, enabling the creation of critical, more complex applications such as logistics handling, inventory control, stock trading, and more.

In-context collaboration
Create applications that concurrently share in-context information with other users, enabling new application concepts such as "co-browsing," which allows users to share experiences and collaborate in real time with other users.

Flex Charting: Key features

Rich component library
Build visually rich applications with a library of interactive charts, including area, bar, bubble, candlestick, column, line, pie, plot, and high-low/open-close.

Complete control
Customize applications with total control over colors, fonts, and label styles via CSS.

Built-in support for data binding and data access
Flex Charting is fully integrated with the general infrastructure for effects, styles, data binding, and drag and drop in Adobe Flex, and will work seamlessly with Flex Data Services.

Fully documented extensibility API
Customize charts with drill-down, rollover, and other interactivity, or use base classes to build entirely new chart types.