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1. Open your favorite image:

Open Image in Adobe Photoshop CS

Making silhouettes in Photoshop

This brief tutorial will go over how to trace and “cut out” an object in Photoshop and create a black silhouette, a la iPod ads.
Let’s start with this picture. While the white background makes it easier to cut out, any background with enough contrast to the foreground object should work (and you can always touch up afterwards!).

Making silhouettes in Photoshop 1

Textured Text

How to run a filter on a type layer

I've been up to my ears in Photoshop text for the past few days. I'm writing a book on Photoshop, you see, (Photoshop: The Missing Manual) and the chapter I turned in at 4:03 am this morning was "Photoshop and Text." I can already see a pattern emerging: My weekly tutorials will now be themed according to that week's chapter. Now that I think about it, what a great weekly teaser that would be! One technique per chapter, or so.

With that in mind, this week's teaser is texturizing text with a filter. Grungy, distressed type is super popular and the fastest way to create it is by using a filter. However, running a filter requires that the type layer be rasterized, or rather, converted to dots. This effectively renders the type uneditable, unscalable, and completely unchangeable. Therefore I submit to you, dear grasshoppers, a work around. Read on!

Softening Freckles

The magic of selective blurring

An important thing to remember when retouching photos is to exercise a little restraint. You probably don't want to retouch a subject so much that they cease to resemble themselves. Take this photo of a beautifully freckled woman. If we remove her freckles completely, it wouldn't look like her.

Softening her skin, thereby lessening the intensity of her freckles, is what we really want to do. Sound hard? It's really not. Like most things, there's a trick to it.
Ladies and gentlemen, watch closely now as I perform selective blurring. Behold it's magic!

Gnomon Workshop Creature With Aaron Sims Vol1

 Designing with Photoshop, XSI and Zbrush (RIP)

Gnomon Workshop Creature With Aaron Sims Vol1: Designing with Photoshop, XSI and Zbrush (RIP)

Tonal Drawing An Introduction DVD

Tonal Drawing An Introduction DVD
Tonal Drawing An Introduction DVD

Software.Cinema - Compositing Portraits

Software.Cinema - Compositing Portraits | 638 MB


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modo 201 Signature Courseware

modo 201 Signature Courseware
The 3D GARAGE.com modo 2 Signature Course This course takes you on a visual journey from modeling, to texturing, lighting, and rendering.
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Creative Background Design

Creative Background Design
Training Bundle for After Effects
Volume 1 & 2