Vector Mass 01 - Schneidmeister Series

Vector Mass 01 - Schneidmeister Series
Schneidmeister offers the best in professional vector clipart. Images are made for vinyl cutting, engraving, embroidery, silk-screen printing (on shirts for example), airbrush and more. All packages are full with BRAND NEW and ORIGINAL pieces of vector art. Schneidmeister Images are made for your success.
Download separetly: "ADVANCED", "EXTREME", "HOTFLAMES" and "FANTASY" series each one has 6 CD’s. Included PDF files of every CD’s.
  • Advanced Serie
    1. Animal Mascots, Butterflies, Dinomania, Pinstripings, Racing Flags and Tribal Classic CD’s.
  • Fantasy Serie
    1. Clowns & Jokers, 2. Dragon FX, 3. Monster Skulls, 4. Monster Sports, 5. Skulls & Bones and 6. Sport Mascots.
  • Hotflame Serie
    1. Animal Flames, 2. Classic Flames, 3. Hood Flames, 4. Round Flames, 5. Template Flames and 6. Tribal Flames.
  • Extreme Serie
    1. Celtic Ornaments, 2. Mega Sports, 3. Predatory Insects, 4. Sexy Ladies, 5. SMG_BDSM_Graphics and Thunder Cycles.