Print Design Elements Library Vol. 008: Scroll Works 1


Scroll Works 1
Print Design Elements Library Vol. 008: Scroll Works 1
Digital Juice PDE Library 08 Scroll Works 1
unpacked 2.74GB
60+ Layered PSD files per volume 5000 pixel x 5000 pixel resolution for true Print Quality Combine
layered elements to create your own customized Print Designs

Introducing a brand new product library for Print Designers!
Volumes 8, 9 and 10 of the Print Design Elements Library are Scroll Works 1, 2 and 3. These volumes each contain an eclectic mix of fancy filigree designs in a variety of styles and colors from metallic copper, gold and silver to textured fabric, string and glass. Each volume has its own mix of intricate shapes and textured styles so no one volume is more useful than another. These fun, colorful designs are currently very popular in print and broadcast TV advertising. They crawl up the edge of an advertisement page, accent the clothing on a model or add elegance to a simple jewelry brochure. Based on some of the same shapes and designs used in our freshCRAWL volumes, these designs take those 2D flat shapes and kick them up a notch with layered effects like fabric patches, love knots and glass beads, not to mention the sketchy look of pastel crayon or the elegance of milky white frosted glass. Again the designs are layered so you can customize the effects and easily recolor all or parts of each design or use one small piece of a more intricate whole.