How Digital Photography Works (2nd Edition)

How Digital Photography Works
How Digital Photography Works (2nd Edition)
Que; 2 edition (March 5, 2007) | PDF(240 pages) | 20.7mb(rar size)

byRon White(Author),Timothy Edward Downs(Author)ISBN-10: 0789736306
Description A full-color, illustrated adventure into the high-tech wonders inside your digital camera by the author/illustrator team that created the bestselling How Computers Work.With clear and simple explanations that say, “You, too, can understand this,” and brilliant, full-color illustrations, How Digital Photography Works, Second Edition, gives you detailed information on the hidden workings of digital cameras, professional picture-taking techniques, and even photo-editing software.

Some of the topics covered in this groundbreaking book include:
*How Digital Viewfinders Frame Your Pictures
*How Twin Lens Cameras and Tilt-and-Shift Lenses Change the Rules
*How Cameras Focus on Moving Targets
*How Exposure Systems Balance Aperture and Shutter
*How Electronic Flashes Create a Burst of Light
*How Studio Lighting Creates a Perfect Lighting Environment
*How Color Calibration Makes What You See on the Screen Match What You See on Paper
*How Your Camera’s Microprocessor Manipulates Images
*How Photoshop Expands a Photographer’s Artistry
Part 1: Getting to Know Digital Cameras
Chapter 1:The Workings of a Digital Camera
Chapter 2:Inside Digital Video Cameras
Part 2: How Digital Cameras Capture Images
Chapter 3:How Lenses Work
Chapter 4:How Light Plays Tricks on Perception
Chapter 5:How Digital Exposure Sifts, Measures, and Slices Light
Chapter 6:How Technology Lets There Be Light
Chapter 7:How Light Becomes Data
Chapter 8:How New Tech Changes Photography
Part 3: How the Digital Darkroom Works
Chapter 9 :How Software Changes Pixels by the Numbers
Chapter 10:How Digital Retouching Rescues Family Heirlooms
Chapter 11:How the Digital Darkroom Makes Good Photos into Great Fantasies
Part 4: How Digital Print-Making Works
Chapter 12:How Computers and Printers Create Photographs
Chapter 13:How Photo-Quality Printers Work